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The Real Cost of Roof Inspections

the real cost of roof inspections in salem, OR

The Importance of Qualified and Certified Roof Inspections to Protect Your Investment

fixing roof damage salem oregon

As we get further out from the high selling period in the real estate market, we hear more stories of roofs failing. This could be from quick fixes giving out or hidden issues that weren’t caught in the initial roof inspection prior to the purchase. With houses on the market for such a short time, it is difficult to catch roof issues early. Unfortunately this comes back around to you, the homeowner. You may find out there’s a problem when water starts coming through your roof or water damage becomes noticeable, and then you find out the true cost of roof inspections.

We hate to see this so often, when a small fix develops into an entire re-roof project and extensive renovations.

Opportunity Cost of Roof Inspections

roof water damage - salem roofer near me

That’s why we recommend a specialized focus on roofing in qualified and certified home inspections. It’s not just beneficial but essential for both buyers and sellers to avoid costly roof problems down the road. By making sure your inspector is able and willing to go into your roof’s crawl space and properly assess the situation, you can get a better picture of the costs associated with the home purchase and be better situated to negotiate during the buying process.

Certified home inspectors with an expertise in roofing ensure they have the knowledge to identify potential issues such as leaks, missing shingles, or structural weaknesses that may compromise the roof's integrity over time. By addressing these concerns early on, homeowners can avoid costly repairs or re-roofs and buyers can make informed decisions about the long-term viability of their investment.

Cost of Roof Inspections salem, OR

Certified inspectors should delve into the attic spaces, inspect ventilation systems, and scrutinize the overall roofing structure to reveal any concealed issues. Pro-tip: finding 20-year old baking pans in your attic crawl space is a very bad sign.

A meticulous examination not only safeguards the home's interior but also ensures that buyers are aware of any potential pitfalls. The pictures featured in this blog are the real result of a botched inspection that should have caught right away. By the time a winter storm revealed the true extent of the problems, the damage was already done.

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Additionally, an inspector's assessment of the roof's condition allows buyers to negotiate fair prices based on the necessary repairs or replacements. Sellers, on the other hand, can address roofing concerns proactively, enhancing the overall appeal of their property and potentially increasing its market value. If you are a seller or general homeowner and are concerned about a small issue with your roof, contact our team to go over the options that might be open to you.

Overall, a qualified and certified home inspection with a specialized emphasis on roofing is a strategic investment as a homeowner, or if you are looking to buy or sell a home. Our estimates are free to homeowners (not realtors, sorry) to give you an introduction to issues your roof may have (along with pictures as needed). The cost of roof inspections, which are more thorough, are minimal considering the damage avoided to your home. Whether you are a buyer seeking a secure investment or a seller aiming to showcase your property's resilience, a professional roof inspection can ensure extended long-term value for your property.

Dakota Roofing is your Salem roofer with more than 30 years of experience. If you are wondering about the cost of roof inspections, contact us here.

Cost of Roof Inspections near me


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