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What to Expect from Your Salem Roofer

What to expect from your local roofer

If this is the year to take a look at your roof, it can be daunting. You may have to decide whether to repair or replace it, as well as select a durable shingle that best compliments your home.

Good news! Get a head start with our step by step overview of getting a new roof. This overview gives you an idea of what to expect when choosing a roofing professional and tips throughout the process. Best of luck, and if you have any questions about choosing a roofer in Salem OR, give us a call!

Dakota Roofing crew sitting by the truck

Step 1: Call

First, when you give us a call to get on the schedule, you will talk with our helpful front desk. Let’s say you talk with Julia, and she gets your free estimate scheduled. Then someone will reach out to confirm with you.

Dakota Roofing crew working on barn roof

Step 2: Inspection

The person who comes out to look at your roof - let’s call him Ryan. He will be the one point of contact throughout the duration of the project. No need to worry about getting passed off to someone else! Ryan will answer any questions and make sure you are aware of all your roof options. With your plan in place, Ryan will also be responsible for scheduling the project, any clean up and following up with you.

Dakota Roofing crew inspecting the house

Step 3: Neighborhood check in

Before the start of your project we go to the surrounding neighbors and check in. We let them know when we will be working and make sure we aren’t making too much noise in the neighborhood. No one enjoys an annoying neighborhood project - we understand. When the project is finished your neighbors should still be friends with you (if you want to be friends).

Dakota Roofing working on residential roof

Step 4: Tear off and Reroof

With all the preparation in place, we start on your roof. A crew will come and tear off the old roof, typically in 1-3 days depending on project size. Then we replace with a brand new roof.

Dakota Roofing finished roof project

Step 5: Wrap Up

The final step is wrapping up with your roofing pro - still Ryan. He will walk through the new roof with you, making sure everything is cleaned up.

There you have it. Now you have a brand new roof that looks like a million bucks. Dakota Roofing is here to serve you throughout the whole process.

Give us a call 503-394-2615

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Dakota Roofing

Dakota Roofing is dedicated to providing the highest quality residential roofing in Salem OR and throughout the Willamette Valley. Our goal is consistent high quality work, competitive pricing, and superior customer service and safety standards. We offer free estimates, just give us a call. We are your Salem roofer serving the Willamette Valley, Western Oregon and Southern Washington.


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