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Roof Replacement or Repairs? 4 Questions You Should Ask

Roof replacement Salem Oregon

Should I repair a section of my roof? Or would it be better to replace the whole roof? This is a common question we get from homeowners, and the best answer is that it depends on your unique situation. The best way to find out is to get an inspection. It’s free to request an inspection and then we can let you know exactly what your best roof options are heading into winter. But, while you consider roof repairs vs roof replacement in Salem OR, here are 4 questions to ask.

Roof replacement Salem Oregon

1. Have I noticed any leaks?

The most obvious sign that your roof needs attention is leaking or water spots. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, walls or by a skylight a roof inspection is the best place to start. If it is one faulty section of roofing we may be able to repair and reinforce that section to stop the water damage. If there are signs of multiple leaks, that may be a roof that was incorrectly installed. Replacing the whole roof so that more problems don’t start up again may be the wisest choice. The important thing is to repair or replace quickly so that leaks don’t cause more water damage. We assess and try to help homeowners with leaky roofs as soon as possible because we have seen the damage a leak can cause. Moldy or rotten plywood, damaged framing, and wet insulation. No bueno.

2. How old is the roof?

When a roof is installed correctly, you can use age as a general rule of thumb. A basic asphalt shingle roof may last 15 to 20 years when maintained properly. A higher quality

Roof replacement Salem Oregon

architectural shingle roof may last 30 years, and a metal roof may last up to 50 years.

Unfortunately a roofer that cut corners during installation may cost you years off of this

lifespan. We have seen 20 year roofs in excellent shape and 2 year roofs that need to be redone due to shoddy workmanship. The best way to know for sure is to get your roof checked and maintained annually! Schedule your free estimate here.

3. Can I see damaged shingles?

A problem area with damaged shingles can be repaired and buy you some time. But when your shingles are overall worn down and older, it is only a matter of time until your roof should be redone. Watch for cracked, curling, or brittle shingles. Do your shingles look worn down, with granules missing? It could start causing problems when we get to the rainy season. For more signs of shingles past their prime check out this resource by Owens Corning.

4. How long will I live here?

If you plan to live in your home for the foreseeable future, a new roof can be a wise investment. Protect your home for years to come and don’t worry about repairs and recurring problems from an older roof!

Roof replacement Salem Oregon

Now if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, consider your roof’s current condition. A shingle roof that is fairly new (1 - 10 years) and in good shape should have good curb appeal when you are ready to sell.

An older shingle roof (10-20 years) may cause buyers to hesitate. If you want to remove obstacles, sell your home faster, and increase curb appeal, consider investing in a new roof. Make sure you also consider return on investment. Replacing your roof will certainly make your home more valuable when it’s time to sell, but it does not guarantee 100% of your investment will translate to home value. It depends on your specific housing market, but a guess is that you will recoup 69% of your roof replacement investment. Ask your roofer and realtor what your best financial move would be.

Dakota Roofing is dedicated to top quality residential roofing in Salem OR and throughout the Willamette Valley. Our goal is competitive pricing, safe crews, and superior customer service. We offer free estimates and are happy to answer questions! Just give us a call! We are your Salem roofer, Keizer roofer, Albany roofer, Portland roofer, and beyond.

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