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Our Commitment to Roof Safety and Safe Roofing Crews

Dakota Roofing safety harness

Roof safety at Dakota Roofing NW starts with our corporate commitment that “Safety First” will not just be a slogan designed to satisfy the employee and customer, but rather a mindset that we take to heart to create an all around safe work environment. “Safety First” embodies who Dakota Roofing is and how each person treats their responsibilities across worksites throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond. Roofing safety basics start with a personal commitment from everyone to themselves and to the team that safety is the #1 priority on a job-site—both for our employees and for the clients we serve.

From job sites across Oregon, with a focus on serving our local community with affordable roofing in Salem OR, every worksite operation starts with a safety discussion on specific safety practices and clarifies the safety standards. Each job site is reviewed upon arrival with a thorough roof safety check and hazard assessment protocol.

After determining what the potential and actual hazards are present, a written and verbal action plan is developed and communicated with the team. Each person knows who is responsible for what tasks, such as the ladder set up, anchor attachment, hand and power tool equipment checks, harness fit and the emergency plan. This is highly important due to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) requirements regarding safety standards, especially when it comes to fall prevention and protection for workers. With safety as our #1 priority, we have made it our mission from the moment we pull up to the job site. A huge shoutout to our wonderful crews and crew leads that have prioritized this mission this year.


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