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How’s your roof?

It’s that time again in the rainy PNW! Are you going to be eating Thanksgiving dinner when it starts raining in the cranberries? NO! Because you are going to make sure your roof keeps you warm and dry for another season! How? Roof inspection. I know there is already a mile-long honey-do list for fall, but this one is important. There are things up there that need to be checked and maintained.

Let’s start on the inside. Check the attic for any water stains or rusty nails on the underside of the roof deck. These are signs of water intrusion or condensation. If you see either of these signs, there could be a problem with the ventilation or there could be a leak. Pay attention to where it is and check that particular area on the roof itself.

Now to the outside. Walk around the entire perimeter of your home and make sure that all of your gutters and downspouts are firmly attached to the fascia boards and that those boards are in good shape. Look under the eaves and make sure all the soffits are free from signs of pests or any other damage. Also, check the soffit vents and make sure they are still secure. You don’t want any creatures sneaking into those! Remove any nests you see (wasp, hornet, bird, etc.).

Ok, up we go! Take a putty knife and tube of caulking up there to fill in any cracked caulking that might be found. Check around chimneys, vents, skylights and any other separations on your roof. Be sure to remove the old caulking before putting down a new bead. While walking around (safely!) on the roof, take note of any missing, lifting, or damaged shingles that will need to be replaced. Notice if there are any soft spots. These things will require a professional to repair and the sooner the better! (And cheaper!)

Last thing to take care of is moss. It isn’t just ugly-it’s harmful! It grows under the edges of the shingles and lifts them which can destroy your roof and clog your gutters, which can cause damage to the siding and foundation. Take care of any spots you see with a moss treatment like a terminator!

None of this sounds like fun, does it? Well, if you’re not going to do it, then call a pro! Dakota Roofing does free inspections and estimates, and we have a crew to take care of cleaning and moss treatments too!


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