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Essential Roof Safety Equipment

Dakota Roofing’s commitment to a safe work environment starts with roof safety equipment and training for all our crews. Making sure all equipment being used—from power equipment to hand tools. This includes fall protection harnesses, ropes, self-retracting lanyards or lifelines (SRL’s), which are regularly checked for defects. Roof safety equipment checks are standard practice before work can begin. Everyone has the responsibility and authority to cull out any defective piece of equipment that poses an unsafe situation.

Dakota Roofing employee wearing a safety harness on a roof

Additionally, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to a safe workplace. This includes boots that are firm and slip resistant, an essential function to prevent slips on the roof, especially higher pitched roofs. With the different types of equipment roofers handle, protective gloves are required to prevent cuts and lacerations when working with metal and other sharp edged material as well as material prone to extreme temperatures, such as high heat days with shingle tiles. Of course, all ropes and harnesses must be in excellent working condition as this is a worker’s lifeline—literally—in the case of a fall.

Dakota Roofing crew using safety equipment on a roof

Watching out for one another, like a “Good Samaritan” is important to having a safe day at work, especially with the number of dangers one is exposed to as a roofer. Making sure each person has all the safety equipment they need for the day and that it is used properly, such as having the harnesses attached correctly to one’s body, is vital. It is why we at Dakota Roofing NW have strict protocols set in place to maintain our equipment to protect our employees and clients to the greatest degree possible.


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