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Critters in the Attic

When you hear scratching and scurrying in your ceilings, do you think about your roof? You should. There are many forms of wildlife that can enter your home through the roof.

Rodents, birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and other animals commonly get into the spaces under your roof. Birds will nest in the soffits, rodents will sneak in the tiniest cracks, and raccoons have been known to tear up shingles and dig right into the decking.

Let’s look at how they get in. The ones that can’t fly can climb. Trees, electrical lines, downspouts and vines make excellent little pathways. Once they find a way onto your roof, they can feel the warmth from your home and maybe smell your fine cooking. With these enticing incentives, they will look for weaknesses. Every gap is a possible doorway. Gaps can occur in the roof joints, along the fascia board, loose vents and in the soffits.

The damage caused by wildlife can be devastating. Besides the fact that they carry a variety of diseases, they can also damage wiring, shingles, vents, and insulation. These are costly to repair and, in some cases, can be a fire hazard.

You don't want to have critters in the attic. Getting rid of whatever is lurking should be top priority! Call an exterminator or animal control expert to assist. You can try a DIY method such as setting traps, but having a professional is the surest way to eliminate the pests.

Residential roof inspection by Dakota Roofing NW

Once you are alone in your home again, it’s time to make sure it stays that way. Call Dakota Roofing to come out and do a roof inspection. Make sure that all entry points are sealed or secured. Make a point of inspecting your roof at least once a year to keep critters out! For now, maybe go take a quick look at your eaves….


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