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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Dakota Roofing Residential Contractor

Enjoying a new roof and knowing that you are ready for the rainy season is the best feeling. On the other hand trying to choose a contractor, especially a roofer, can be the worst. Let’s be honest. With so many things to consider it is often a time consuming and confusing process. When a storm hits or emergency roof repair is needed right away, that can complicate even further.

To choose the best roofing contractor for the job, we recommend asking these 10 questions. Whether they are residential roofers or commercial roofers, their quality work should speak for itself and make answering the questions straightforward.

  1. What is their insurance coverage?

    1. Make sure your roof contractor carries enough insurance to protect your home in case of damage.

  2. What warranty do they offer?

    1. Your roof contractor should back up their work with a warranty on materials and workmanship.

  3. What materials do they work with?

    1. Not all roof products are created equal so make sure materials are from a quality, trusted brand. Especially when it comes to Oregon roofing, where quality materials need to stand up to extra rainy weather.

  4. When can they provide a written estimate?

    1. Make sure you receive a written estimate with detailed pricing and an accurate description of work to be done.

  5. Will they check for adequate ventilation?

    1. Your roof contractor should check the attic for proper ventilation and make sure it won't cause damage to your new roof later on.

  6. Do they have manufacturer certifications?

    1. Your roof contractor should have certifications in quality materials and badges to show.

  7. Do they offer material options and explanations?

    1. Make sure you end up with the best roof material for your budget and climate, not just an upsell with unnecessary add ons.

  8. What is their local work history?

    1. Your roof contractor should be a local, reputable company who can provide a history of quality work examples.

  9. What do they offer for future roof repairs and maintenance?

    1. Make sure your roofer is in it for the long haul and can repair when needed and regularly maintain your roof.

  10. Does their price back up their roofing promises?

    1. Low prices are enticing, but can mean sub par quality or a lack of warranty to back up their work.

In case you were wondering, Dakota Roofing can answer these questions (and more) about your next project. Contact us to learn more about roofing in Salem Oregon or request a free estimate for residential roof replacement.


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